5 Ways Live Streaming Can Benefit Brands

Explore our collection of venue guides, catering guides, money-saving guides, and checklists. To learn more about live shopping in the US and what it means for ecommerce, check out our full blog. When a customer purchases from a livestream, they tune in, click a product link, and buy—skipping much of the complicated consumer decision-making process. Livestreams add a human element that is easier to form a connection with. Streaming on other platforms also introduces you to new buyers without creating several shops. Since video is so crucial to Twitter, the company bought Magic Pony Technologies to improve video and picture quality.

When you set your pricing, focus on the unique offering you have with live video, rather than on the number of hours you put in. The purpose of going live is to interact with your fans in real time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write a short outline for the live stream beforehand. If you go into it without a plan, you could end up with awkward silences or mishaps.

Vidizmo Live Video Streaming

Highlight how it can improve their company and teach them how to use your products for growth. Take them through the whole process and offer solutions to pain points. B2B companies can use Facebook live to update their audience about what’s happening with the brand. Presentations, teasers for upcoming events, and even going live during an event can be done through Facebook live. This is a great option if you have thousands of active followers on the platform.

During a live video, businesses may communicate with their audience in real time. A live streaming channel can enable interaction on many channels at the same time, even if you’re broadcasting to multiple channels at the same time. Despite the fact that live videos are still relatively new, the power of other forms of videos is quite well known. Big brands have already invested heavily in live streaming platforms, and live videos have recently gained more attention. Back in the day, businesses were impersonal and untouchable to the people.

What are the benefits of live streaming

Putting your brand adjacent to where each individual audience member lives out the majority of their personal digital lives is considerably powerful. Creating a live video together decreases production time and increases authenticity. Brands are more likely to collaborate with you if you convince them that you can engage and sell. Share a past live stream with them that was particularly engaging, share your conversion metrics, and invite the brand reps to one of your upcoming streams so they can see you in action. This guide will take you through why and how influencers should live stream, including tips for getting started and marketing yourself to brand partners as an influencer.

Hubspot disclosed that 52% of marketers, universally, confirmed that videos have the highest ROI. Unruly also revealed that recorded videos augment intent to purchase by 97% and brand association by a whopping 139%. Pay-per-view – Everyone must https://globalcloudteam.com/ pay to view the live stream of the event. To pick your desired audience for your live video, click on the three dots you find in the top right corner. Live streaming software offers more control, but no less spontaneity in their presentation.

Why Live Stream?

However, live video is a game-changer in the digital marketing scene. By now, it’s no surprise that social media forms the core of nearly all marketing strategies, and 2017 is the year of video. Live video, virtual reality, and Snapchat stories are making their mark in the marketing and advertising world. “For some of the associations we work with, up to 50 percent of people attending a live-streamed event have never attended a physical event in the past,” Blomquist says. This makes it a great tool for engaging those inactive members. The time and money saved allows you to spend more time and resources growing your brand and promoting your products.

That said, it is also more time-efficient than other content strategies, such as writing a blog post or a comprehensive article. That’s why social media live streaming is so compelling for small businesses. Reap all the benefits of live streaming your events with Brid.TV! You can host, manage, and monetize your video content on our platform without having any advanced technical know-how. Our player will transform your virtual events, helping you stand out and overshadow your competition. Similar to most social media platforms, content creators can join, publish videos, and go live on YouTube for free.

What are the benefits of live streaming

Live streaming videos are a cost-effective sources of content when it comes to content marketing techniques. You don’t need anything fancy in terms of equipment or basic setup to get outstanding results. Advertising your live broadcasts is more successful than promoting other sorts of content because of the expanded reach, and the ROI is usually larger. However, live streaming is actually much simpler than it looks. It doesn’t require any advanced technical know-how, so the average person can pull it off. All you need is the right equipment, strong internet connection, and a trusty streaming platform.

Audience Management

Maybe the best thing about live streaming is the fact that you can make your audience larger simply by streaming meaningful content in the online world. Doing so is a good idea, because the larger your audience is, the more chances you get for converting those persons into paid customers, and the results will definitely show in the long run. Yes I realize that is extremely obvious but oftentimes as we know the obvious is overlooked. There are lots of creative ways to implement live video streaming to your B2B company. Always remember that the main focus is to help your customers solve their pain points. Trust between the brand and your audience is something that you should always work on, and implementing these steps can help you achieve it in no time.

What are the benefits of live streaming

After the event, you can follow up with those that had the highest conversion potential—engaged audience members. These individuals can then be guided through your purchase funnel. In the wake of the current global health environment, businesses and individuals have been severely impacted. With trade slowing, cities experiencing lockdown, and everybody on high alert, industries that rely on drawing massive crowds are struggling.

App for Chinese dating Momo’s popularity skyrocketed after the feature was added in 2015. It made $406.9 million in revenue from its live video service in the third quarter of 2018. Using live streaming within apps, you can communicate with almost anyone from anywhere. It also helps in broadening access to information about the business, ensuring consistency by ensuring that everyone receives the same information. Let say for instance, you are an App Developer in Orange County California, you can easily showcase your services to people around the globe with the use of mobile streaming apps.

Benefits Of Live Streaming You May Not Have Considered

After the live stream has been recorded and uploaded, take advantage of the SEO benefits of YouTube. If you announced a new product or performed a tutorial on an existing product, making it accessible for others to find it is a great way to grow your brand’s web presence and story. The audience will be pleased with the richer content that a live stream can produce, especially if audience members are allowed to interact and submit questions. Unlike radio, internet streams have unlimited range and even open the possibility for an international audience to participate.

YouTube, the second most visited website in the world, is also one of the most popular video platforms online with over 1.9 billion active logged-in users per month. Every day, users watch over one billion hours of video on the website. Give an insight into what your brand can offer to other businesses.

For example, setting an ideal venue, materials and making other arrangements for a physical training session for employees can take a lot of time, costs and resources. Instead, you can hold a live training session and invest How to create a live streaming app those resources in completing other tasks and business objectives. Live video isn’t solely restricted to streaming video content. There are many reasons someone may not be able to physically attend an event or meeting.

  • This article will discuss the real power of live streaming and its effectiveness.
  • Besides the benefits during a global health crisis, live streaming offers event planners new ways to engage and reach untapped audiences.
  • Take your followers with you to events and conferences that you are attending.
  • Many video streaming companies now provide both on-demand and live content for their customers.
  • Who knows, maybe you can strike up a conversation with someone who’d be interested in partnering up and doing business with you.

Furthermore, this is an awesome way for marketers to spend less time on the creative side of product branding. You can also use your other social media accounts, such as Twitter, to promote a future Q&A session. To save time, you can answer any questions received on Twitter during your live video. Physical events are usually restricted to the place you previously selected. Typically, the visitors live near the chosen venue and the number of attendees depends on the seating capacity.

Attendees can submit questions via live chat or Q&A features and receive answers to their queries. Law enforcement agencies can also use live webcasts to broadcast training sessions and provide an engaging, real-time experience instead of in-person training. They can also use live streaming to address departments or staff, receive questions and queries through live chat, and respond in real-time while maintaining control over the session.

By clicking this checkbox, you’re agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Moreover, it’s very unlikely that people who are not interested in your topic will join the conversation.

How To Be Successful With Live Streaming On Social Media

But you have to make sure you’re putting out high-quality content that provides real value to your customers. You’ll lose followers if you’re putting out fluff content for the purpose of filling a marketing checklist rather than creating quality content. It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best things about a live stream is that it helps you to curate your audience for marketing efforts. In order to make your marketing more efficient, you want to make sure you’re only contacting people who have a real interest in your products.

Guide To Rtmp Streaming: Stream To Any Platform With Onestream Live

Don’t forget if your stream was a physical event, you would have charged both an admission fee for the physical attendees and another for online attendees. Similarly, churches, worship houses, and non-profit organizations can seek online donations during live events. Also, you can monetize your live streams through sponsorships and collaborations with advertising agencies and digital marketers. Social media has long been an integral part of a successful marketing campaign. Consumers want to engage with content, and social media live streaming delivers a smart, easy platform for meaningful interaction.

Live Streaming Your Events: Stats Dont Lie

Your videos can show up as suggested videos on related content, and you can expand your audience. These experts should have an extensive background and knowledge regarding the topic that you are about to discuss. Your audience is looking for companies that they can trust to increase their return on investment, and sounding unenthusiastic can affect the way they deal with your brand. It is a great idea to do a live Q&A session, especially if you’ve noticed an influx of questions from your audience. Live videos make it easier for them to do a follow-up without having to wait for you to answer them back.

Although some preparation before a live stream is ideal, don’t script the whole thing! Be genuine when you’re live, especially when you’re talking about your brand partner. Your fans are watching for you, so give them what they want and show off your personality. It takes a lot less time to go live than it does to make a pre-recorded video, or video on demand . A three-minute VOD takes three hours to edit, but a thirty-minute live stream only takes 30 minutes, plus any prep time.

What Are The Benefits Of Live Streaming On Youtube Live? Why Go Live?

Consumers value great customer experiences and prefer to engage directly with the company that they purchase products and services from. Most consumers are embracing video engagement as a way of voicing their concerns and sharing ideas with companies. A business that wants to keep up must adapt to this changing climate.

Livestreaming might not deliver these same benefits, but it is an inexpensive and sustainable way to build your audience from home. If you’re serious about pursuing music seriously, you’ll have to do it sustainably. Being on the road makes it difficult or even impossible to write new music, but live streaming at home gives you the time and resources to stay creatively active and engaged. Now that you know how to use video on demand, it’s time to look into when to use live streaming.

In the marketing context, a sense of urgency refers to communicating to an individual that it’s imperative they act quickly because you are making a limited-time offer. One of YouTube live’s most significant advantages over Facebook is the ease to monetize your live stream. Though Facebook live is adding new features to improve their monetization system for creators, it’s not as easy as on YouTube, yet.

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