Art Pro Mpa Ii User Manual

Route the power cord so that it is not likely to be walked on, stretched or pinched by items placed upon or against. Yeah, I have a dedicated chopstick for such jobs. I restore classic cars for a living so I do work on old tube radios sometimes…but I have my limitations. I had a VLA used in a cart today and then realized with shipping and taxes I could get a brand new for $58 more. Well a new one is $269, so shipping it out for repairs probably isnt worth it.

n articulation worksheets

  • I am using the Neumann 102 mic with it and its really amazing.
  • The decoder then sums the in-phase signal from the bi-di with the Mid to create the left output and sums the out-of-phase signal from the bi-di with the Mid to create the right output.
  • Refer any service work to qualified technical personnel only.
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  • Convenient – easy drop off and pick up of the product at any Long & McQuade location.

Also, it takes life away from the tone of anything you plug into it, even if you bypass the compressor. I really had high hopes for the VLA but I quickly realized it just wasn’t the right compressor for me… I personally would not go as far as to call this the “poor mans LA2” though. Sorry folks, Ive heard and used a real LA2 and this thing doesn’t compare IMHO. It looks good to the client, it sounds good on drum bus, thats all i have used it for so far.

Over the years I’ve purchased several DBX units – 160a’a and such, and 1176’s LA2A, 3A , and 4A, and other higher end comps. But the VLA is still in my rack and I still use it almost every session, on something. Last night I put my new Miktek mK5’s through it for drum room recording and the VLA added great smoothness and just enough push and warmth. It took me about a week to adjust to the settings and then after that it was cake. I am using the Neumann 102 mic with it and its really amazing. The quality and the smooth roll off really surprised me.

Art Pro Audio Preamps & Channel Strips

The +20 dB gain gives you an extra boost before the signal hits the tube, allowing you to get a driven tube sound on quieter sources. The phantom power and phase invert are self-explanatory, but feel free to google them if you want to know more. The plate voltage is a great feature which changes the behaviour of the tubes, giving you a cleaner signal with a higher headroom. Center on the unit you will also find the Mid/Side Matrix button which will decode your mid/side mic setup into a stereo left and right signal. Not only that, the tubes are easy to replace, should you wish to alter the tone of the MPA II . The ART Pro MPA II can operate at either a low or high plate voltage on the two integrated hand-selected 12AX7 tubes for wider variation of preamp tone and performance.

Pro Vla Is Awewsome!

So, upon researching, I discovered that using a compressor on the signal “going in” to the DAW was the answer. So, I started researching compressors…needless to say, these could be as expensive as $10,000.00 plus. So, there was very little competition in my price range. I modded mine with some 12ax7 Fender Groove Tubes I had lying around and I found an improvement. As you will read, if you do your research, where the tubes are placed in the MPA II’s schematic, they really won’t change your sound all that much. I’m pretty sure anyone who says “oh absolutely must use THESE tubes, they’re warm and juicy” or “oh I use THESE tubes, they’re fat and chimey”, etc, etc are all cases of “The Power of Suggestion”, for this mod anyway.

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The best results for me has been using premium vacuum tubes. So before giving up on the MPA II as a guitar preamp I bought a gain matched pair of Psvane 12AX7-S ECC82 Art Series tubes with the gold pins. The MPA II uses one in each channel and are very easy to replace.

Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro Mic Preamp Transistor Used

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Finally, it will come as no surprise given the low cost of these units that the components & build quality leave a bit to be desired. On our unit, the VU meter on channel 2 only turns on occasionally & the gain control on channel 1 doesn’t always work with the high-z input. Fortunately, the majority of components are easily accessible and a fault can be identified by anyone who dabbles in electronics. Clearly this preamp is not one that you will make you sell your 1073’s for.

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